Adding value to your business

Corporate Training

The effectiveness of staff of an organization greatly depends on the level of understanding they have. Managers can add real value to their businesses if they have the right skills and abilities to deliver effective results. MP engages organizations through the provision of training services which will enhance skills and capabilities of its clients.

Our training ranges from security training to all models of corporate training and it is geared towards the development of members and to address specific needs in order to promote new working practices and standards.

Cyber Intrusion and Penetration Testing

In the cybersecurity industry, we are seeing a change in how hacks are performed. Myron Petra helps clients in identifying security risks and vulnerabilities in their network systems. We have innovative training modules that equip staff members of organizations with the required skills and knowledge on cyber intrusion.

Cyber Security


Information Security Management Training

Due to widespread usage of technology, the clientele in need of protection from security threats has been continuously growing. From large global corporations to small startups, anyone using technology to help run their business needs help avoiding security breaches. Myron Petra helps clients to identify organizational assets, machines and systems in order to implement procedures to protect the confidentiality and integrity of assets from threats. Our training module enables organizations to maintain and monitor data to protect valuable information.

Information Security Management

Identify Risks
Risk Assess & Analyze
Plan Action
Measure, Control & Monitor

Digital Transformation

Want to gain competitive advantage and differentiation in the market segmentation? You need to transform core business processes using digital technology. At Myron Petra, we do not only hold the hands of our clients through the digital transformation process but also provide various innovative training modules to clients already using digital technologies to boost business processes and maximize results. We have certified specialists that provide innovative training modules for cloud infrastructure such as Office 365.

Digital Transformation System


Enterprise Training

With the advent of new technologies, it is expedient that enterprises are up to speed with the latest developments. At Myron Petra, we provide our clients with training modules on various enterprise solutions and practices to keep employees up to date with best practices in their industry to enhance productivity.

Customer Engagement

In a value chain, consumers play a very important role in driving the sales of a business. They are the ones that directly or indirectly affect the profit margin of the company. Any business should carefully understand the needs of the customer whether it is a latent or a basic need. Myron Petra helps with training on how to handle and manage customer perception in relation to Company image, brand, product and first-hand experience with company representatives.