An expert within multiple industries

Industry Solutions

Financial Services

Financial institutions with regards to Banking, and Insurance are faced with unusual market challenges such as revenue and profit shift, changes in business models, policies and regulations. Myron Petra provides solutions to these institutions through technology, innovative business strategies to enhance business continuity, quality of service and build loyal customers.


Digital learning can improve student access to primary, junior high, senior high and tertiary education at all levels. We at Myron Petra not only implement the latest technology but also strategically deploy it to transform teaching and learning in a definitive way. We are pleased to introduce our recent e-learning additions to our customers to ensure seamless learning continuity.

  1. Learning management and Virtual Classroom Software;

    Easy to use
    Accessible on any device
    Third party integration
    Content creation and Management
    Virtual classroom with a whiteboard
    Assessment tool with different question types and automatic grading
    Recorded class sessions for future referencing
  2. Assessment Tool

    Unlimited online quizzes and assignments
    Different question types/formats - multiple-choice, free format, long essay, short essay etc.
    Automated grading and result reporting
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Telecommunications / Media

We serve technology to connect to the world. Myron Petra helps companies to communicate effectively with customers and deliver high standards of customer service.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

The rapidly evolving technology in the healthcare industry is accompanied by many challenges. Myron Petra helps medical and pharmaceutical industries manage any complexities they may encounter. We work with healthcare providers to provide cost-competitive services like the provision of a digital transformation system to manage, monitor medical records and control finances, reduce storage cost, track sales and improve product quality.

Energy & Power (Oil & Gas)

Energy and Power industry faces complex challenges; rising emerging consumer demand, performance improvement, minimizing cost and others. We deploy strategies with intense innovation and sustained demand to increase revenue and increase performance.


To be able to sell and retain loyal customers, people in the retail industry need more than a good deal. Regardless of locality, retailers require remarkable strategy, attractive merchandising, able operations, robust organization, targeted marketing, and reliable technology. At Myron Petra, we have the openness and expertise to personalize solutions for our retail clients, whatever their specific challenges may be.

Food and Hospitality

A trend of dynamism has rampaged the food & hospitality industry. Myron Petra helps restaurants, bars, guest houses, hotels, etc with the best-fit solutions. We work with managers or designated key persons of these businesses to deliver appropriate dynamic solutions like QR menus, ERP, CRM, payment solutions to keep them up to speed with the latest trends while providing the best experience to their customers.

Auto Parts

The way we use and drive vehicles is influenced by technological advancements. The auto industry is dynamic and faces challenges every year. In this sector, we use our smart partnerships to work closely with our clients in order to develop innovative strategies and build fresh capabilities to help your business achieve its full potential.

Transportation & Logistics

The transportation and logistics industry experiences changes just like any other industry influenced by technology. This sector is very demanding and is influenced by many factors such as extreme competition and fluctuating customer preferences and loyalties. We assist such industries by presenting them with solutions to whatever challenges they encounter.

Construction & Real Estate

Science and technology has contributed dearly to the construction and real-estate industries. Our resourced staff develop innovative solutions to difficulties encountered in construction and real-estate. We believe in providing solutions to problems no matter how big they are to improve overall business performance.